XA3V1797fTackling everybody’s dream: “Creating a successful business”, through a special intuition, impressive initiative and the far-sightedness to produce future fruits. Thus, creating, step by step, an empire already consolidated under the name the “Hysenbelliu Group”.

Doing business has to be more of an instinct, a sniff. Sometimes decisions may sound strange and maybe a little bit crazy, but in the end the risk brings success.
Having this cost in mind i started to establish Hysenbelliu Group, by transforming it from a small business to a company with a diversified portfolio of businesses, and today, leaving aside my modesty, i might say that we have a successful leading position in the Albanian Market.

Doing business in Albania is not a simple matter to deal with and this has required a stronger sniff and the risk, why not, even greater. The fear of failure minimizes when the increase comes gradually, as it has come for the group i lead.
Nowadays, Hysenbelliu Group is not where it is, just as a coincidence of fate, but as the product of hard consistent work and lessons learned during the way.
Part of the Hysenbelliu Group are also some companies operating in different sectors, beginning from the beverage industry to the written media, the electronic media, hospitality and tourism industry, or the construction industry. All of them have been established with a clear vision of their mission and a well thought strategy for the objective development and achievement of objectives.

The vision of each of these leading companies in the country is fully incorporated in one common vision with Hysenbelliu Group, which has the consumer in its heart, and the fixed idea that there is room for improvement in everything that was achieved until now.
This is also our strongest point. We believe that the best part of our energies should be invested to what we have achieved, improving them and reaching the quality sought in the market. We seek the best, the quality and the performance achieved with the highest standards of the contemporary times. But, amongst all this, we leave room for further innovation.

We are constantly focused on the main sectors, which are integrated with each other, where the merge of each link can give us in the end a functional chain for the market.
In our vision, tomorrow is not just another day of survival in the market, but one more opportunity for growth, progress and to give life to the ideas, which serve to the life of community and the life of each Albanian citizen.