maxresdefaultSHLUJ “Luarasi” is a Non Public High Education Institute. “Luarasi” University was first opened as a Law Faculty in 2003. From 2012 to 2013 “Luarasi” University multiplied its study programs by establishing the Faculty of Economy with several fields, like: Bachelor Degree, Master of Science and Professional Master . Students graduated from this university have been employed in the Public administration or Private Companies.

Students from “Luarasi” University are the only ones from Private High Education Institutions, who have been successfully admitted to the School of Magistrates.

Many others have won different competitions and have continued their post-graduate studies in well-known universities in the USA and Europe, like: Oxford, Utrecht, Geneva, Urbino etc. without giving any further acceptance exams.

Many well-known professors of economy and law give their lectures at “Luarasi” University, including former judges, judges of the High Court and the Constitutional Court, professors from the School of Magistrates or well-known professionals.

“Luarasi” University offers opportunities of promotion for excellent students, as part of the biggest media Group in Albania as well as job opportunities due to the cooperation with other important public institutions.